My Two Cents – Granger Medical Center

I previously posted about IHC. I had decent enough treatment from the doctor, but the company treatment, well, it left a lot to be desired.

I recently had a follow-up visit to Dr. Aoki at Granger Medical Center in West Valley City. This was a old annoyance that I’d finally grown tired of dealing with. After going to a few other doctors over the years and not getting treated, I finally sprang for the specialist and tried Granger.

I had to wait three weeks for my appointment.

I had no idea where in the building to find my doctor. Asking at the front desk, it took the receptionist at least a minute to find out. If she had asked the type of doctor instead of the doctor’s name, which I didn’t know, it would have saved some time.

Filling out the forms and such, I was asked for the same amount I was quoted over the phone. This is important as I detest billing surprises, like I’d had previously. I am a cash patient without insurance, and I expect to not be treated like an insurance company with charges as afterthoughts. The paperwork included mention of two discounts: for paying cash and for paying at the time of treatment.

I didn’t time the wait or the appointment. The doctor gave me an initial exam and then treated the problem. He wrote me two prescriptions and I made a follow-up appointment for three weeks later.

A web site had conveniently just signed me up for a free trial of discount health services, and buying my meds at Walmart, that membership reduced the price by about 50%. These were not the cheap $4 meds.

I started getting better that day and I felt almost cured in a week. Amazing the difference it makes to go to a decent doctor and get the right meds as opposed to all the others I’d seen.

Two weeks later, I got a bill in the mail. After IHC, I was actually expecting this, but given how much better I was, I was willing to pay it.

My follow-up appointment was a week later, so I didn’t pay right away. At reception, I asked about the bill, wondering if those discounts had been applied — it wasn’t my fault they didn’t bill me on the treatment date, after all.

The doctor was running late, but I read a magazine from the pile in the exam room. He finally showed up, took a look at me, and gave me a quick industrial-strength treatment of what I had been using at home. He said since it was Valentine’s Day and I was the 1 millionth customer, the visit was no charge. This visit was much simpler and quicker than the original because what he did had worked.

On my way out, I collected my check and visited the next office over from reception to ask about the bill. In that office, it was quickly determined that I had been billed for the full amount, not accounting for the discounts. She said she’d take care of it and I left.

OK, so there was a little glitch in the billing, but the doctor did a good job, everyone was friendly, the follow-up was free (instead of $68), and I feel much better now.

I intend to make another appointment soon at Granger Medical Center in another department. Kudos to a good medical clinic that doesn’t overcharge and treats you well! It’s about time I found one around here.

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