RootsTech, Day Minus 1

Genealogists have been coming to SLC for a week. One person today thought she came in early by arriving the day before the conference. That was cute.

Let’s see, who did I see and meet today?

Carol Starin, Elise Friedman, Jill Ball, Robert Ball, Randy Seaver, Russ Worthington, Jan Brandt, Elyse Doreflinger, Jan Meisels Allen, I saw Elise and Elyse meet (so cute, I should have gotten them to pose for a picture), Pamela Weisberger, Steve Morse, Dan Lynch, Daniel Horowitz, Mark Olsen, and Yuval Ben-Galim.

Yep, it was a fun day already.

3 thoughts on “RootsTech, Day Minus 1”

    1. I really just go to genealogy conferences for the people. I liked your idea of mostly just posting pictures. :-)

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