Genealogy In Prime Time

No, this one isn’t about Who Do You Think You Are? Have you been watching the TV show Pan Am?

Pam Am follows the lives of several Pan Am employees, mostly two pilots and four stewardesses, as they travel all over the world doing their jobs and sometimes living soap opera-type lives.

Warning: spoilers follow.

In the previous episode, stewardess Colette Valois met a mysterious man on their flight to Rome, later finding out he was Prince Omar III; I didn’t quite catch his kingdom name.

(Actually, it was two episodes previous, since they aired one out of order. What were they thinking? Now I know I wasn’t nuts when they seemed to skip over things earlier and I thought I missed an episode, and then another one was completely out of order. Really ABC, this show is a soap opera with a continuous story line, you can’t skip around like that.)

The latest episode, aired 19 February, titled 1964, took place leading up to and including New Year’s Eve. Omar decided to officially begin courting Colette, which naturally included a background check. In previous episodes, we have learned that she was an orphan in France, her parents killed in the resistance, and she was raised by nuns.

In fact, Omar’s people found out that the nuns changed her name and that her parents’ surname was Halevy, a Jewish name. His sources also discovered that they died at Dachau. They also found a picture of her family, including a younger brother that she knew nothing about.

Happy to find that she had one family member who likely survived the war, she later showed the picture to everyone she knew, saying that she wanted to find him.

Now, how can I find a prince somewhere to find the unfindable information about my Feldsteins?

Colette Finally Meets Her Family

The full episode is currently online at ABC. I can’t wait to see where this particular story line is taken.

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    1. It was canceled? Say it ain’t so. :-(

      I guess that explains why they didn’t care about showing that other episode out of order.

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