Europe 2012 – Day 9

Krakow wasn’t meant to be such a long stop, but it just got longer. I arrived a day early because I didn’t get to Kalisz and now research is keeping me an extra day later.

I walked to the archive here; I’ve walked everywhere here. This was the first archive to have any English speakers. I had a slow start with the research but eventually got moving. I ordered up one book and was shocked at what they brought me. Records were different in Krakow, not to mention the size of the population.

I ended up ordering almost every book of births and deaths. She told me to come back tomorrow. It’s good that I’d seen the one book first, so I can better understand why the extra day is necessary.

I just wish I was more comfortable with this hotel. It’s too much effort to switch for one night. I’ll splurge on the next one to make up for it. I think I have to, as I didn’t see a lot if options for my next stop.

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