Europe 2012 – Day 10

I think it was supposed to be laundry day. Good thing I packed a little more than ten days.

I returned to the archive to do more research to find ten books waiting for me. Except that I’d ordered about fifteen more. The archivist told me ten books at a time and to return at noon for more. I was a little worried that they might split it all into three groups, but the second batch had all of the rest.

That left me with plenty of time to get onto the Auschwitz tour. I was in Krakow for so long, I would have felt terrible missing it because I didn’t figure it out fast enough on the weekend.

We had terrible weather on the tour. As we arrived at the second camp, the guide tried to talk us out of half of it. But some of us wanted to see it all. And we still skipped past the big monument. I would have walked back when I realized, but I’d been walking for too many days already and my feet couldn’t take it.

Next up on the trip: a new country. (And more trains.) I’m anxious now. I’ve grown accustomed to Poland and I spent a while learning Polish, the little that I know. I’ve got lessons for Russian to listen to, but it won’t compare to the extra effort I put into Polish. I haven’t heard back from anyone in Ukraine or Moldova that I was emailing with. And I have to reconstruct the list of relatives to search for in Ukraine — I can’t find the original file on any Androids.

Update: File found! Did I not look there before? Sheesh.

I don’t know what happens with my Internet access now either. Guess I’ll find out soon.

I was going to try to add a picture today, but WordPress is being all kinds of rude. Just remember to check back here again after I get home.