Memorial Day

While I had beautiful pictures of those red roses, the pink rose bush is exploding with roses.

Pink Roses

Each year is different, which rose bushes do the best. This year, the big pink one next to the house isn’t as great as usual, and the orange one in the middle probably needs trimming back to make it better. The red one is doing well too, but not like the pink one.

Farmer Roy showed up again. It had been a while. He weed wacked the front yards and said he’d be back for the back sometime. He also reattached my flag holder. I couldn’t get the longer screws into the house when I tried. So I finally got to fly my flag again for Memorial Day. It had been a few years.

Memorial Day Flag

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Farmer Roy came back a few time. He cut down the catalpa behind the fence, took off some of the other tree near it, and tore down my rusty metal shed. Now I’ve got a good spot for a vegetable garden. He’ll be back again eventually to finish cutting down that tree.

My swamp cooler sounds horrible again, kind of like last year. But the only Democrat in Provo on Twitter told me that the belt is loose. I’ll have to climb up there to find out.

And my roses bloomed. I didn’t see a lot of buds, but a couple days ago, they all sprouted. All three in the front are blooming great and the huge one is mostly only blooming high at the top where I can barely see the roses.


I started painting the concrete cylinders. I bought a bunch of cans of white paint. I’m not going for bright white, just not rusted. I’m lining them up around the RV parking and I got the first batch done.

Concrete Cylinders

But what really pisses me off are the newest weeds. I dug, sprayed, covered in heavy plastic, gravel, pavers, and paver sand, and the damn weeds are growing out of the paver sand. What else am I supposed to use in between the pavers?

Stupid Weeds

Now, scroll back up to the top and look at the pretty roses.

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The weeds got out of control very quickly. I had 3/4 of the RV parking covered in plastic, with one sheet going down after they had overgrown. Then I saw someone mowing down the parking strip. I went out to thank him and, next thing I knew, he was offering to mow the yard. In the end, he mowed the entire yard — better than the kids I paid last year — and weed wacked, and didn’t ask for money. He suggested he’d come back to help do more, but didn’t schedule anything. I put down the last plastic in the RV parking. I need to do the parking strips, but I still need to dig out the weeds there; he didn’t cut them low enough.

In the meantime, I got another flower bloom.

First Iris

I couldn’t get the wind to stop blowing that one pedal though.

And again, I posted a day late. Today, I saw some of these in the gardens by the FHL. I’m thrilled that all of these plants look very much alive and I have new blooms. I was a little worried after I moved them from the back yard, especially since they got planted in mulch instead of dirt.

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The Weeds Return

My weeds grew out of control for a couple of day while it rained. I’m already behind in yard work now because of them.


I miss having a camera. I can’t find one I like now. My 5″ Android take decent pictures. My Android phone will focus perfectly on anything but the colors are a little washed out. And now I have two Androids that upload pictures to the same folder in Dropbox, which at least makes that convenient. When was my last blog post here? I finally bought an Android phone and got a plan. I don’t feel disconnected anymore.

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This picture is from yesterday. I finally got an Android phone and a plan, so I will be connected all the time. As I read in a review, the pictures do seem a bit washed out. But it’s great at focusing on anything, even without the macro setting.

Flower Garden Tulips

I have a lot of weeds to pull out of there.

Is it sneaky to change the secondary title? I’m far from a picture a day, and especially without a camera all the time… I need a new camera.

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I started hacking away at my weeds already. I’m not sure what to do about my flower garden. I’m scared to pull too many weeds in some places because I’ve planted a few varieties of flowers and I don’t want to accidentally yank them out.

I also saw two tulips in the RV parking that I need to move before they bloom. And there’s till plenty in the other flower garden that need relocating.

I dug out the wild rose bush and replanted a piece of it, but I’m not sure it’s going to make it. I’ll have to see.

Yep, it’ spring and everything is growing, including the stuff I don’t want.


I don’t recall ever capturing the thundercloud at this point when it was just starting to bloom. Those will turn purple really fast.

This morning, I went out for another event about being a Democratic Delegate. I prefer this major candidate to the other one, even if the other one has all the other supporters. He’s only half way through his first term in the legislature and he already wants to quit and start a new job. Does it pay more or is it more power? I think I’ve already chosen no matter what they might say.

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I just discovered two emails in boxtrapper from the two Democratic mayor candidates. I met one this afternoon. Apparently the other one was having a get-together at the same time and I had no idea. I got a voice mail from the one I went to telling me about it. It was different. It seems I know almost nothing about government. So much for public school. Did I learn any of this stuff? I don’t think so.

Flowers... And Weeds

No tulips have popped up yet. I’ve got a few different kinds of flowers that beat them to the punch this year. And tons of weeds.

Also, I spent $45 filling up the gas tank. Ouch. Sammy Jo would never have held that much gas. Sadly, though I saw somewhere that Zoe should have about 28 mpg, she’s getting about 24 mpg. Sammy Jo averaged around 28, so I’ve lost a bit. The consolation is that with the bigger tank, I can go farther on one fill-up.

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A very exciting action shot today.


I spotted an odd green take-up reel, so I grabbed it. Also…

Bookshelves Begin To Return

They took out all those bookshelves to put microfilm readers into that area. Now they’re finally putting more books back out on the floor. The books are more important.

Yep, it was an exciting day at the FHL.

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A Good Day

The acetaminophen is working well. Actually, I need another right about now, then I’m going to bed after I finish this blog post.

Our UJGS meeting went well. I went over the changes to the society and then the 1940 census. We had a nice turn-out and a couple new members. The webinar recorded well, so the broadcast should be fine. There was something about B-2, probably the Verizon repeater in the basement interfered somehow, but we’re scheduled for the main floor for all our meetings this year.

And outside, it was pretty.

The Latest Snowstorm Aftermath

The latest big snowstorm was just a light sprinkling of snow. It was pretty with the plants popping up. Even the weeds looked better with a little snow.

Wait, how can it be three days since my last post? Seriously? It didn’t seem like it. Maybe one day missed. Maybe I should change my title from one picture a day to… pictures sometimes?…

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Out Of Bounds

I tried something different today. After two weeks of persistent back pain, I went to a chiropractor. I found one with no appointments and the price right on the web site, but after the shower this morning, I was already in less pain. He didn’t help the leftover pain at all.

Out Of Bounds

Why is this flower outside of the flower garden? Both of them actually? Wow, it’s really hard to see in this picture. That’s what happens when I use the Android for pictures. Meanwhile, at the FHL…

I Wish Mine Looked Like This

They’re already hard at work. It doesn’t all look quite like that, but enough does already. I’ll still be fighting down lots of weeds this year, but maybe I can work on the garden a little bit.

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