Out Of Utah

I finally got out of Utah. Today, I flew to Washington, D.C. for the IAJGS conference. I arrived early; the conference starts on Sunday.

People book seats on their flights in dumb ways. I think they assume that no flights fill up. My seat was taken when I got to it as my neighbors had booked the window and aisle but not the middle seat. So I sat in the aisle. Also, the row in front did the same thing, and they booked the opposite aisle. Why don’t people just buy their tickets together?

My first flight was in the dark. My second, I had a window seat and I was on the wing. It was kind of an interesting view.

My View From Plane Two

Upon arriving at the Atlanta airport, my wifi hotspot was still not working and my tablet power supply stopped working. After traipsing around DC, I finally found a T-Mobile kiosk in a mall and Dave set me up with a new SIM card, getting my hotspot to work immediately. But I still have to search for a new power supply. After three Radio Shacks and calling a fourth (thanks to the first two for not paying attention), and Best Buy, there is no replacement around. I’ll have to search online tonight to see if I’m not doomed.

I finished with dinner with my roommate, Elise Friedman, and Jan Allen and her husband Tom. We also got visited by Nancy Levin, who I’d seen earlier but didn’t remember who she was without her name tag. Ron Arons was also passed in the lobby along with someone else who we also didn’t remember. That’s one of the toughest parts about arriving so early. There are so many people we see once a year, if even every year, without the name tags, we have no idea who everyone is.

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