I learned today that my gTablet power supply was not dead, but that the tablet itself was no longer charging. After searching online again for a possible replacement, I returned to Radio Shack, where we opened several packages and tried to charge it. Eventually, Renald plugged the power supply into a DVD player… and it worked. So much effort, I felt awful.

So I dissected it.

gTablet Dissected

Apparently, it takes Discover (the credit card with the zebras). I left Radio Shack intending to call in the warranty, when I eventually realized that I’d voided the warranty by rooting it. I originally did it without knowing, just by downloading a market fix, but it was done. The power supply plug moved around far too much. I needed to unscrew about ten more screws to get further in and see if it was fixable. So I have an interesting project for when I get home. Either way, hopefully I can get it charged again and back up the data in it. Or maybe I’ll find the internal SD card is an actual SD card, which I can read.

I was hoping to only bring the tablet on this trip, but decided that I needed the laptop. I am so glad. Still, I know when it broke, and if I didn’t have the laptop, I might not have dropped the tablet while charging it.

In other news, Daniel Horowitz today arrived and Elise and I met him for dinner in Chinatown. It was lovely. Earlier, Elise and I were wandering around and came across an unusual art installation on New York Avenue.

What the heck?

After the end of it, I found an explanation sign. It was all on the street next to the National Museum of Women in the Arts and each set of sculptures is only out for a year to feature different artists. This collection is by Niki de Saint Phalle and this particular piece is Arbre Serpents (Serpent Tree).

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