My Camera

This project is not quite as simple as it may be for some people. I don’t have a smartphone or even a decent camera in my cell phone, so I have to keep my camera around and remember to use it more often, just in case something interesting happens.

My camera was bought from woot, a Casio Exilim, EX-Z800, 14.1 megapixels. I think it cost me about $80. I decided on this model when someone mentioned that it has no shutter lag and because I wanted a small camera to replace my previous inherited camera, which is probably about ten times the size. This one fits in my shirt pocket. I usually leave it set at 6 megapixels.

And then, I bought several Android devices, finally settling on another one bought from woot, for about $180. It’s the Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 5.0. On one site, it was called the Galaxy Player. It’s advertised as a personal media player because it’s not a cell phone and it’s not a tablet (though some people call it that).

While that case may look the same color as the camera, the camera is pink and the Android’s case is purple. Maybe I’ll replace these photos with versions taken on a white background later.

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