What Is This Blog?

There are lots of pictures of the day blogs. I’ve dropped in on a couple from time to time. One day, I just decided to do one myself. So I set up a blog and tested myself for a few weeks to see if I could keep up with a remotely interesting picture each day, trying to keep from posting old pictures, really old pictures (genealogy related), or boring pictures of my house and yard every day. But I posted a lot of my house, yard, and genealogy pictures anyway. You can’t expect my ordinary life to be exciting all the time, right?

I work from home, generally speaking, and I tend not to leave my house, sometimes for days at a time, except to get my mail or work on my yard, or if I really need groceries or other such supplies. So this was also an attempt to force myself to leave the house more often, if just to put something mildly interesting on this blog.

I call it 39 because I’m hoping to keep it going for at least a year, my 39th year to be precise.

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