MyHeritage, to be continued…

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So my review of MyHeritage is going to be continued. I don’t know what happened. On a whim, after not using the site since I was given the free upgrade, I logged in and couldn’t access anything. I was hoping to hear from someone at the company, possibly one of my friends there, but no one responded. So I emailed instead.

And the day I emailed, I had access to the site again just as it was before, with the banner at the top asking me to upgrade because I went over my people limit. (I had not yet deleted my data.)

The only explanation I got was:

We allow you to upload a GEDCOM without limitations and after some time we give you a warning about the payment. This is how it works. Then you can delete, pay or let us block.

I never got any notice about being blocked, nor was I told at the time I uploaded my GEDCOM, at the conference, in the presence of a MyHeritage employee. It doesn’t really make sense to me. And it made less sense that I would be locked out and then allowed back in again.

However, he did upgrade me to a Premium Plus membership, so the upgrade notice will go away until my free upgrade expires (unless I decide to pay for it).

And now, I will be able to continue my review of the site. I wanted to test out a few things. November is a busy month for me, but maybe I’ll sneak in a little time for that.

Additional: It seems I did get an email from MyHeritage, though it came on the same day that I discovered I was already locked out. (No advance warning first?) Considering the number and variety of emails they send me to inform me of SmartMatches and family events, I wonder why they’d send an important notice like “you need to upgrade your site” from a different email address. Don’t they know how much spam gets blocked? I already whitelisted their other emails. Also, there was no deadline saying I had a day, or five minutes, to upgrade or delete 400 people. Maybe I would have done the latter.

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