May Goals Review

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Almost forgot about this, but things are moving along, so I’m writing it. Besides, next month will be plenty late.

1. I booked my flight. In fact, I leave in two weeks. No getting out of it now. I still have a lot more planning to do. I’m still working on learning Polish and did a refresher on French too. I doubt I’ll understand anyone, but I’ll be able to talk to them.

2. I have been organizing like a maniac. And then doing more research, and then organizing that. I have a long way to go to finish everything, but I’ve gotten a lot done in anticipation of my trip. I need to be organized and I’m getting as much data together as I can.

3. Nope, no pictures.

4. I think I slowed down with the blogging. Even on the UJGS site. But I’ve been busy with other genealogy related things, so I forgive myself. I’m sure I’ll be blogging like crazy starting in two weeks.

5. Other than the last few days with trading a bunch of emails, I’ve been pretty good. The inbox still gets slightly overstuffed, but I clean it up.

6. I don’t have to invoice much when business is slow. I’ve put off a couple possible new clients for when I get back.

7. Indexing and arbitrating have kind of stalled out, since I’m doing that for my own records. I felt like I was indexing with my own census records, and with New York finally indexed by Ancestry, I had a lot more searching to do.

I just thought I should throw together this blog post. I also think I’ve been forgetting the end of the posts, to watch for sploggers…

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One Response to “May Goals Review”

  1. Emily Garber says:

    Congratulations on your planned trip to Europe (I’m jealous). Looking forward to hearing about your Eastern European exploits.

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