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Veteran’s Day

I wasn’t prepared with a post for today. Heather Wilkinson Rojo, over at Nutfield Genealogy, also posting on Google+, challenged other bloggers to post transcriptions of the names on local war memorials. I went out and took more pictures of the memorials in Kearns. I didn’t realize I already had a picture of all the names on the memorial from August; I wanted to be sure I got them all.

There are several memorials together at the corner where the “Welcome to Kearns” sign stands.

Kearns Memorial

Donated July 1979 to Town of Kearns
30th Anniversary
Kearns American Legion
Post 132
World War I cannon

Original flag pole that marked gateway to
Army Air Force Training Command
Camp Kearns
July 20, 1942 – Sept. 2, 1945

Vietnam Memorial

The community honors all the brave Kearns men who served with the
Armed Forces of the United States during these trying times. 1963 – 1973.
Erected 1984.

Killed in Action

For these brave Kearns youth who gave the supreme sacrifice – killed in action.

Richard T. Trujillo, CPL USMC, 7 June 1966
Curtis B. Bugger, PFC SUMC, 21 January 1968
Bill N. Dalton, PFC USMC, 8 February 1968
Michael M. Clayton, L CPC USMC, 20 April 1968
Steven M. Connell, PFC USMC, 26 November 1968
Douglas J. Sommer, PFC US Army, 23 May 1969
Robert K. Worthen, PFC US Army, 21 November 1969
Michael D. Brown, CPL US Army, 27 April 1970
Lewis R. Yates, SGT US Army, 7 February 1971


Camp Kearns Memorial