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Tuchow became a city in 1340, but residence restrictions severely limited Jewish settlement until 1865 with the Jewish population reaching a peak of 455 (total of 2,667) in 1910. When all but 40 Jews fled with the Austrian army at the outset of WWI, the community was left impoverished.

The Germans burned down the synagogue on their arrival in September 1939. In December, 15 Jews were executed outside the town and the following year, a group caught praying in a private home was also murdered.

Refugees swelled the pooulation of the ghetto set up in June 1942 to 3,000. All but a few were deported to the Belzec death camp in September. The others were executed or transferred to Tarnow on 18 August 1943.

Genealogy Research

The Family History Library does not have any microfilms of Jewish records for Tuchow. Some records indexed in JRI-Poland show Tuchow records in the Tarnow and Krakow films as well as in Lwow. The FHL does have ten films for Catholic and Roman Catholic parishes as early as 1724 and as late as 1951.

Avram requested research from Tuchow, but there were no records available at the FHL to be searched.

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