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"Thank you SO much for your efforts. Your prompt turn-around in response to this request is much appreciated." - Avrum, August 2012

"Thank you so much -- this is fantastic! I appreciate your time and help more than I can possibly say, and hope to be able to more fully utilize your services soon. You obviously do terrific work! This birth record for my 3rd great grandfather is a real boon for my family history and I am so pleased to have it at long last." - Rebecca Olenchak, May 2010

"I just checked email early and I am utterly floored by what you have come up with. I am excited to review all of this over labor day weekend. Yes.... PLEASE continue your research. Hugs and kisses for the EXCELLENT work you have done!" - Robert Lapidus, September 2009

"OK -- I'm impressed! Nicely done." - Roger, August 2009

"Wow!!!! Wonderful!!!!!" - Spencer, May 2009

"Thanks so much! This is full of very valuable information. These people are very elusive." - William, March 2009

"THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!!" - Roni, December 2008

"Thanks so much for the quick turnaround and for the effort you went to to provide a legible copy of the document." - Renee, June 2008

"I am completely overwhelmed, satisfied, and happy." - Bob, December 2007

"Well done as always. Thanks for the help." - William, November 2007

"I just received the most impressive package in the mail today. What beautiful work! If you ever need a reference, give my name out." - Joel Sisitsky, December 2007

"Thank you very much for a job well done." - Charles, August 2006

"Thanks so much! Once again, I am so happy!" - Paula, June 2006

"You are a genius or you are a genealogy angel!" - Viviane, April 2006

July 10, 2005

The purpose of this letter is to endorse the work of Banai Feldstein. Banai has assisted me over the last few years in researching my family. While I have worked with a few other well qualified genealogists, none have been as resourceful, efficient and as easy to work with as Banai. I can recommend her to anyone who wishes to do Jewish genealogical work without any hesitation. She has really done amazing work for me. Here are some of her key accomplishments:

  1. Found one branch of my family located in Plonsk and Raciaz Poland and was able to go back to the 18th century to locate the father, grandfather and great grandfather of my fatherís maternal grandfather as well as their siblings using the JRI-Poland database and the Mormon resources. The records were in Russian and Polish and some had not even been indexed.
  2. Search the un-indexed Russian records of the village of Priluki (Ukraine) which is the town where my mother's maternal grandmother was born. Banai was able to find many records of my family including the father and mother of my great grandmother as well as various siblings.
  3. Banai used the San Francisco voter list to locate the naturalization records of my father's paternal grandfather which resulted in finding the location of the village in Poland where he was born.
  4. On many occasions I have asked Banai for her advice or views on information that I have found. I believe she has great instincts and is wonderful at working out the puzzles one often finds in doing genealogy work. She is very resourceful, knowledgeable and very easy to work with.

Yours truly,

Avram Miller