Childhood Memory Monday – Valentine’s Day

I recall a bit about Valentine’s Day in junior and senior high school.

In eighth grade, the V-Day gifts were carnations, delivered during first period. Oddly, one stray delivery showed up for me during second period that year. It was from one of my music teachers, Mr. Davis. I never did ask why. Was he helping to distribute them and some were left over? Or did he have no idea where my first period class was? Guess I should have asked. Whatever the reason, I remember it made my day.

In senior high school, we had candy-grams, apple-grams, sing-a-grams, and anything-a-grams for every holiday of the year. By eleventh grade, I got one of everything that went around. My best friend, Jennifer Janke, and I always sent them to each other. I don’t remember if we had a specific agreement, or an unspoken understanding, but I could always count on receiving at least one of  everything. I still have the pile of those cards; I’m a helpless pack rat.

The card from 1988 (tenth grade) from Jennifer is the more interesting of the two I have. It was drawn by Bernard Chang.

And it had an interesting message on the first half.