Today was the BOF/SIG meeting day. From what I heard, many people, including me, had to choose which meetings to go to because we were interested in things that overlapped. I opted for the Next Generation Genealogists over the Bessarabia Research Group; followed by the Sub-Carpathian SIG; the Newsletter Initiative, which is apparently over now; then the Webmaster’s Roundtable. I think I found the first and last the most interesting. There were a few people in both including me, Daniel Horowitz, and Terryn Tower. Two people from the newsletter group also went to the webmaster group. I basically skipped the JewishGen session to gossip with someone. We were sitting in the back row and someone complained when we were talking. Really, if you sit in the back, what do you expect? They specifically said that bloggers should sit in back so as not to disturb other people with their typing. So we were whispering instead.  The panel afterwards that sounded barely interesting was really some younger people trying to tell the older people… something. I didn’t stay long enough to really understand the point of it.

The first meeting, the Next Generation Genealogists, was the most interesting one. It was for people under 50, and we joked about ages. Daniel pointed out that it was good we included 40s since he just hit that, but the organizer and the consultant (Elise and I) would be out of it in three years or one if we didn’t give it a higher limit. One of our discussions was about how we were stuck in the middle. The genealogists older than us have done research the old way in the records and microfilm, while the ones younger try to do everything online and possibly have never seen a microfilm reader. Our group seems to have stepped inside both worlds and it’s kind of up to us to bridge the gap between the two. We are the ones that want more technology brought to the conference, both in sessions and in offerings like webinars. Hopefully we can start to make that happen more, if not at the next two conferences, definitely by 2014 when I will be co-chair.

I saw Ava Cohn standing up at her booth during lunch, so I grabbed her, we picked up Terryn Tower on the way, and went to lunch together. Terryn had a memorable story to tell, among all the stories we shared. She found a new method of genealogy research: research by psychic. I wasn’t watching the people around us and I wonder if they were watching while we were laughing hysterically after that story and others.

I still haven’t gotten a respectable night of sleep, and I have no doubt that tonight will continue the trend. I just hope my brain doesn’t decide to catch up on the weekend when I want to be doing research and touristy things. I can sleep when I’m back in Utah.

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