IAJGS – Day 4 – Multiple Meetings

My first stop this morning was the Professional Genealogists BOF meeting. It was a mostly productive meeting. We had most of the conversation the evening before while planning it. Maybe the discussion group will be used more after that, though some people are having trouble with the group.

I skipped the standing room only lecture, which I found out the best part was just the very end, and went to Daniel Horowitz’s lecture on Mobile Applications. He reviewed a few of them, and found some more interesting ones. When he got to detailed instructions about MyHeritage’s app, I went for a walk.

For lunch, I went to the Konference Kafe, where I was confronted by Bob Kosovsky. He and I are the main tweeters for this conference, and we both were at the Philly conference as well. We finally met. Daniel had asked me earlier who he was, so I brought Bob down to meet him before the next session.

And that was the Presidents’ Meeting. My computer battery died completely without warning and I didn’t snoop around enough to find electric. I was tweeting a lot and took notes which I typed up afterwards.

I returned after dinner for an evening lecture but instead hung out with the MyHeritage folks for the most part.

And that was the day. There are a lot of conversations going on that fill in the time that I’m not writing about. I may or may not make it to any lectures again tomorrow either. My other computer lab is in the afternoon and a little more preparation would be a good thing.

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