March and April Goals Review

I missed a month; I realized it about ten days in, so I skipped it. So, how have I done?

1. My passport arrived after only three weeks. I am finally starting to look into planning the trip just recently. It looks like I’m going to the IAJGS conference after all, since I’ll be in Europe right about that time. So now I’m planning for it. I have emailed a few people and they haven’t helped much with the kind of details I’m looking for, so I have a lot of work to do to figure it all out. And I’ve been working on learning Polish. I feel like I’m finally making some progress on learning to speak.

2. I haven’t been organizing my genealogy documents, but I’ve been working on others. I am scanning and eliminating paper files. I have cleared off some of my desk significantly. I have to get back to the source document organizing. Especially with the trip to Europe coming up fast; I need my European stuff organized and ready for in-country research.

3. Nope, nothing yet on the pictures. I’ve been programming the UJGS site. Maybe when that’s done and I’m back from Europe.

4. I started the UJGS blog, so I’m definitely blogging more if just for that. I broke my main camera, so my picture a day blog is more like a picture every couple of weeks; it’s sad. I’m just not taking that many pictures and not even remembering to post them when I do. On this blog, I think I’ve been a little more steady. I’ve definitely fallen too far behind on my nitpicker guides and need to catch up.

5. My email inbox got up to 80 and 90 emails a couple of times in the last two months. I just brought it from 82 down to 29, but still didn’t finish getting through all of it.

6. Business has been slow lately, so I don’t have to invoice much, unfortunately. I need to contact the people who haven’t paid yet in the web design business.

7. I’ve been indexing the 1940 US census. It angers me when I take the time to follow the rules and the arbitrators do things wrong. So I switched to arbitrating. Being the group admin was a good thing if just for that. I have arbitrated more than I’ve indexed at this point. I do this semi-regularly, usually a few sheets at a time a few times a week. But it’s more indexing/arbitrating than I’ve ever done before.

It seems I’m being good with some of my goals and almost ignoring others. Number three is stagnant, but others are going well. I need to kick into gear on number one because I have less than two months to get ready for that… holy cow. Less than two months? I have to get moving on that one!

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