I’m Still Here

Did you miss me? Holy cow, have I been busy.

A woman approached me rather oddly a month or more ago at the Family History Library. She returned a couple times and finally figured out she recognized me from my blog, and mentioned she liked reading it.

“Thank you. I haven’t written in a while.”

But that was OK with her.

I wanted to write just after that, and yet I didn’t. One of the difficulties I have with this blog is that I often write posts that take a long time, like the Nitpicker’s Guides to WDYTYA, but I feel guilty spending so much time writing on my blog when I’m behind on my client work, most especially writing their reports. I haven’t been behind for a bit, but I’ve been busy helping the IAJGS Conference.

That’s right, they pulled me in again.

So tonight is my flight to that conference. I’m just taking a random few minutes in the middle of packing and last minute prep to write a quick note to my readers. I’m sure I have some left. You wouldn’t have deleted me from your feed if I disappeared from it. :-)

And, as always when this happens, I will try to write more. I have a conference next week, so that should give me something to write about. Maybe some short bits. Those are easier to write and publish anyway.

OK, back to the prep work. My main computer is a desktop, so there are things I can’t do once I leave. See some of you in Orlando.

2 thoughts on “I’m Still Here”

  1. Welcome back! I see you have Rosenzweig and Goldfarb on your surname list. I do as well. Where are yours from? My Rosenzweigs are from Iasi, Romania, and my Goldfarbs from Tarnobrzeg/Dzikow in Poland (Galicia).

    1. Thanks Amy. I got really busy after the conference. Didn’t realize I missed approving some comments on my blog. Both Rosenzweig and Goldfarb married in to my family, both to the Millers, actually. I think both families were from Poland: Warsaw or the northeast of the country.

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