I Have A Lot Of Books To Read

I don’t usually share this kind of thing online, but I decided to write it up anyway. You see, I hadn’t read a book in years.

Oh, I read a lot. I read news online, blogs, genealogy magazines and journals. I’ve even read some books on Kindle, though I tend to skim those.

But I hadn’t read a physical book that was sitting on my shelf for years. I’ve lost interest in some of what I had and had gotten rid of them without ever reading them. But I still have plenty left.

So I decided it was time to read books again. I set a goal for twelve books in 2019, one per month. The last book I can remember reading was pretty long and it took me a month, one chapter per night.

I read eleven. I failed. Somehow I stopped sometime around the summer and took a while to start up again. But I’m proud of those eleven. I even rushed to get one more in since I started writing this post about ten days ago, and finished it a few minutes ago.

2019 Books

I read two genealogy books, or rather one genealogy and one genealogy-ish. Two books were about Utah. Three were from the shelf of books I’d kept back to junior high school that I loved and wanted to read again. (I didn’t love them as much the second time as an adult though; they’ll be donated now.) One was actually a lecture, but it was bound like a book and I got it from the free book sale at the library, so it counts. Several of the books were chosen deliberately for being easier reads. They were still books in my house that I needed to read, so they count just like the others.

In any case, I finally read some of the books in my house and getting myself doing that again was the ultimate goal more than the count. I have a lot more to go. Since I didn’t hit my goal, I think I’ll set the same goal, but in the hopes that I read more than twelve, next year.

Happy New Year!

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