RootsTech – Part 2

That’s a wrap!

My next two days were much like the first one. I watched the keynote from home, then later drove downtown where I hung out in the expo hall for an hour or two. Again, I went by the MyHeritage booth, but you couldn’t not go by it, right at the front entrance. Then spent most of the time hanging out and chatting at Reclaim the Records. I thought I would volunteer with them like I did the last RootsTech, but they seemed better staffed this year. I did walk down all the aisles in the expo hall eventually too, to see who and what was there.

Friday night I had a little time to kill and went looking for a record at the FHL (no, I can’t call it FSl, it just doesn’t work for me after all these years, maybe someday, I even taught spellcheck the acronym, come on). I never found the record; it was indexed but hiding. I think it was a supplemental page that didn’t get bound where I expected it to be and thus couldn’t find it. I spotted Alex walking by me, so I went to chat with him and then brought him with me to a MyHeritage gathering that I’d been invited to.

MyHeritage hasn’t thrown their big parties at RootsTech for several years (not even counting the c-word years), but I’m not a big fan of loud, rowdy parties anyway, so this calmer and smaller gathering was nicer to me.

And Saturday was the same. I drove downtown earlier, but the expo hall closed earlier, so it didn’t give me any extra time like it might have seemed. I then went to dinner with my best friend and then drove him to the airport. When do I get to see him again?

And as I said at the top, that’s a wrap. Now I get to see if I get sick next week, as the mask is useless when kept in my pocket. I’d prefer not to, but I’m kind of expecting it now. I once got really sick after RootsTech, so I better not get those germs again. No, covid would be the preferred germ — if any — this year, as I do get sick from it but it’s fairly mild and doesn’t last too long.

I can’t wait for another genealogy conference to see many of my friends again.

Didn’t my photo galleries used to pop up bigger pictures? I think I had a plug-in for that. I guess it died in some update when I wasn’t using it. Another web site that needs my attention. I have a few to work on.

Bonus edit: for anyone who reads this on my blog instead of the original email. I can’t believe I forgot about game night. I had no idea there was one, or that it appears to be a regular thing, but the second night, walking through the Marriott lobby, I discovered there was a game night going on. I found them playing Cards Against Humanity, so I sat down and played until almost midnight. Now I know that I have to watch for that at other conferences. These people were great to play that game with.

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